SKF Lubrication Systems

ServiLub is an authorized distributor of SKF Centralized Lubrication Systems

About SKF Lubrication Systems

SKF lubrication systems ensure proper lubrication at the right intervals, minimizing friction and wear and optimizing the service life of bearings and machines.

Developed for machines, or even complete factories, the systems are able to act in all the necessary points in a precise way, thus contributing to increase the reliability of the machines, reduce maintenance, improve productivity, increase safety and optimize labour.

ServiLub distributes SKF centralized lubrication systems throughout Brazil. Check out some highlights.

Simple Line Systems

Cost-effective systems that can be applied to small and medium-sized machines to ensure efficient lubrication.

Dual Line Systems

Systems capable of operating with oil and grease pumping lubricants intermittently through two different lines avoiding pressure loss problems even at very distant lubrication points.

Multiple Line Systems

Perfect for larger plants and machinery, the Multi-Line central lubrication systems are equipped with several adjustable flow piston pumps capable of sending the right amount of lubricants to each point individually.

Progressive System

Systems designed for applications with different lubrication points that require different amounts of lubricant, capable of working intermittently or continuously.

Circulating Oil Systems

Designed to ensure constant lubrication of highly stressed bearings on almost all machine sizes.

Lubrication System Accessories

A complete line of accessories for SKF systems that includes: pressure switches, level switches, pressure gauges, controllers, timers, tubes (nylon, copper and steel) connections, washers, hoses, smooth tip terminals, clamps, check valves, performance indicators , suction and line filters, lubrication brushes, flow indicators and sprayers

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